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Rehabilitation & Athletic Performance Intersecting Disability in Portland, Oregon

We are here to empower you to put the pieces back together

Learn to Accept, Embrace and Thrive!

Everyone deserves access to quality health and wellness services. Join us on our mission to provide inclusive rehabilitation services for people with disabilities.

RAPID Oregon inclusive recreation event in 2022
How Will We Empower You To Heal?

Creating a Supportive Rehabilitation Environment

RAPID Wellness

We invite people with disabilities and Veterans with disabilities to participate in two-hour events designed to build a sense of community and share resources.


RAPID hosts events where people with disabilities can connect, share stories, and have fun doing creative activities! Check out our calendar for upcoming events.

RAPID Retail

Donate gently-used and new fitness equipment that's provided to people with disabilities at an affordable price. This also gives RAPID a revenue stream to provide more programs!

I've felt lost

I have struggled with accessibility, joblessness, multiple disabilities, and chronic pain. I had to find a job that would accommodate me. It all felt nearly impossible.

No one should have to go through that

- Emily Purry

Emily Purry, RAPID Oregon Founder & President

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Find yourself, knowing it gets better from here

RAPID is here to empower you to find yourself
It gets better from here

RAPID is here to empower the people that need it the most

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Person assisting a disabled individual at an inclusive recreation event
  • Finding community
  • Finding purpose
  • Finding you -- a new identity
  • A better, more fulfilling life
  • Life gets better from here

Don't accept less than you deserve. You need an uplifting community to help pull you from isolation and depression. We are here for you. 

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People showing off their artwork at an accessible and inclusive RAPID Pints & Paint event in 2022
  • A better future for people with disabilities
  • Lifting up underserved communities
  • Creating opportunities
  • Creating positive change
  • Spreading hope

Don't allow oppression and stigma to continue. You most likely know someone who needs more accessible services & opportunities.

Volunteer with us and make a difference.

Volunteers help RAPID help as many people as possible!

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RAPID is here to empower the people that need it the most


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