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What is the Purpose?

The purpose of the app is to provide people and Veterans with disabilities a virtual place to find a healthy community, improve their health and access resources. 

The first phase will be focused on three main areas: health videos accessible to different types of disabilities and a community to share individuals’ health and wellness journeys and resources. 

Finding Healthy Community

In “normal” times, the disability community experiences more isolation due to stigma, transportation challenges and access. COVID has done significant harm to this community by causing further isolation. With the need to connect, people need access to a healthy supportive community. RAPID wants to provide this space in our facility, but until we have a facility, this app will bring people together where we  will feel a sense of belonging. 

Improving Health & Wellness

Health resources are everywhere but when was the last time you saw a workout for people in wheelchairs? Or a video with voice descriptions for a blind or visually impaired person? Every workout, nutrition resource, meditation technique or yoga video will be classified into categories so that a person can look for resources that fit their needs and disability. Health disparities for people with disabilities are drastically worse then an able bodied person and RAPID wants to change this statistic. 


RAPID is small and can only do so much at one time. We are partnering with other organizations doing similar work to improve the health and overall wellness of people with disabilities and Veterans with disabilities. We will provide these resources for folks nationwide. We will start with services in the rural parts of Oregon, Washington and California, in order to bring services to those with fewer services available close to them. 

Employing our Community

Last but not least, as we develop this app we need people with disabilities to have input about what they want and need in a health app. We will also need to have these same people do some testing for us. In the spirit of RAPID’s values around equity we want to compensate these people for their time and valuable lived experience as well. 


We need you and all that are passionate about helping people and Veterans with disabilities. We are grateful for your support and kindness and can’t wait for you to join us in making this happen. We are seeking a total of $100,000 for the support of this project in 2021 and we look forward to your support in helping people accept, embrace and thrive in their lives. 

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